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Jacksonville Marriott
After extensive testing in several of our guest rooms I am more than comfortable in stating that the Fresh-Aire UV Dual Lamp Air Handler systems that we have installed are doing a remarkable job in totally eliminating any and all mold growth in these air handlers.  With or without the ozone model lamps all of the mold growth in the air handlers has been eradicated by the UV output.  I have used the ozone model lamps in a few rooms to “sweeten” the air a little with a lot of success.

Every now and then I run across a product that performs as advertised and your product is one of them.  I can’t thank you enough for your helping me to restore our guest rooms to an environmentally sound condition.

Best Regards,

George D. Webb
Chief Engineer
Jacksonville Marriott

Sheraton Hotels
This letter serves as confirmationthat your Fresh-Aire UV product was tested in our guest rooms.

This product improved the indoor air quality, cleane the air systems, and removed the mold and foul odors from the rooms. We saw a remarkable difference. I am more than satisfied with the results and look forward to working with you ithe future.
Thank you for your service

Gladstone Sands
Director of Engineering

RE: Use of the Fresh-Aire UV inducxt air purifier at IP Casino Resort Spa in Biloxi, MS 

After installing the Fresh-Aire UV induct air purifier product in all 205 smoking hotel rooms on five floors at IP Casino Resort Spa here in Biloxi, MS about ten months ago, we continue to experience great air quality improvement and reduced maintenance in these rooms. \

The air quality in all smoking rooms is noticeably improved and the odors from tobacco smoke are virtually a thing of the past. The cost of the Fresh-Aire UV induct air purifier is reasonable and enhanced by the reduction in labor costs with regard to housekeeping and maintenance.
Our department would recommend the Fresh-Aire UV induct air purifier to any commercial, hospitality or restaurant business venues wanting to keep their operations odor-free with enhanced air Quality.

IP Casino Resort Spa in Biloxi, MS will be making use of the Fresh Aire UV induct air purifier system for many years to come.

With best regards,
Tommy A. Jones, Lead Engineer, Facilities
IP Casino Resort Spa, Biloxi, MS


On behalf of Burger King Corporation ("BKC"), I am pleased to provide you with this Letter of Approval
("Approval Letter") authorizing the following facility to produce and
supply to the BURGER KING® System the product described in the enclosed Specification ("Approved


In particular, you are approved to supply the Approved Product to the following BURGER
KING® Regions/Country: FL, USA.

At all times, vendor must comply fully with the Terms and Conditions of Supply issued to
vendor with this letter, including any amendments to the Terms and Conditions of Supply. Note
that compliance with the Specifications in the production of the Approved Product will be routinely
monitored and vigorously enforced through unannounced product samplings and plant audits.

This Approval Letter constitutes a Specific Approval with respect to each Approved Product listed in this
letter in accordance with the Terms and Condition of Supply. Unless otherwise noted, all capitalized
terms in this Approval Letter shall have the same meaning as in the Terms and Conditions of Supply.

In the next issue of the applicable Approved Brands List, your company will appear as an approved
supplier of the Approved Product. In the meantime, please use this document as proof of your approval.

Congratulations on your approval and thanks again for your continued support of the BURGERKING®
John Reekert
SVP, Global Operations R&D
Enclosures: Specifications
Master General Terms & Conditions
cc: Sang Chun, BKC
Angelica Gallagher, BKC

5505 Blue Lagoon Drive • Miami, Florida 33126

Hilton Hotels-Orlando
Christopher Robinson
Property Operations Manager
6601 Destination Parkway
Orlando, FL 32819

“The FreshAire UV light system was installed on AHU#10. AHU#10 looks beautiful, requiring NO coil or blower cleaning since the install. Saving $$on maintenance, and a clean coil runs at peak efficiency.”